Sadia Story

As one of the largest international meat brands, Sadia is in pursuit of excellence product, and we believe with our superiority food can carry out delicious journey for you and your love ones at home.

Sadia counts on more than 60 years of tradition in the market, and ensures the whole production system under fully stringent quality control. Start from breeding in exclusive farms, selecting the best ingredients, managing state-of-the-art production facilities, controlling strictly on manufacturing and logistics process, and making sure all processes are fulfilling international hygiene standards. Sadia aims to provide the most delicious meals and convenient gourmet delight to every family around the world anytime, anywhere.

With the true passion on good food, Sadia dedicated to create a wide range of innovative and quality foods to cater different tastes. Sadia provides more than2,500 different products, including chicken, pork, beef, sausages, nuggets, pizza and pasta, ready meals and a lot more. Products are well known all over the world, including Europe, USA, Japan, Asia, Middle East, Africa regions.

Sadia products are not only globally renowned, but also a benchmark of quality of life. Sadia is your best partner of cooking at home and credible choice of gourmet. Sadia now invites you to taste our food, start to enjoy the gourmet journey and the pleasant moment with its flavors.
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